Academic Services

Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President
Name Email Phone/Fax

Mr. Joseph P. Pettibon II
Associate Vice President for Academic Services

Assistant:  Ms. Janice Crockett
fax 979.845.6994

Ms. Delisa Falks
Assistant Vice President for Scholarships & Financial Aid

Assistant:  Ms. Debbie Shannon 979.458.5398
fax 979.847.9061

Mr. Juan Garza
Assistant Vice President for Academic Services & Director of Provost IT

Assistant:  Ms. Sieb Greene-Booth 979.458.5216
fax 979.458.1808

Ms. Venesa Heidick
Registrar, Office of the Registrar

Assistant:  Vacant 979.845.1145
fax 979.845.4757

Ms. Kelli Holt
Senior Financial Analyst 979.458.9823
fax 979.845.6994

Mr. Ramesh S. Kannappan
Director, Enterprise Information Systems

Assistant: Shervonne Davis Smithey 979.845.6458
fax 979.862.7467

Ms. Brandy Kosh
Executive Director, Academic Affairs Business Services

Assistant:  Ms. Laura Raleigh 979.845.1691
fax 979.862.2696
Ms. Donna Mancuso
Distance Education Coordinator 979.458.1379
Dr. David Martin
Executive Director, Data and Research Services 979.845.7838
fax 979.847.8666

Mr. Scott McDonald
Assistant Vice President for Academic Services & Director of Admissions

Assistant:  Ms. Patty Steele 979.458.0997
fax 979.847.8737

Mr. William "Bill" Taylor
Director, International Student Services

Assistant:  Amy Winn 979.845.1824
fax 979.862.4633

Dr. Leigh Turner
Executive Director, Career Center

Assistant:  Dolores Gonzalez 979.845.5139
fax 979.845.0067